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General Studies Paper-I

  • There will be 9 booklets in this package. 6 Booklets for conventional areas and 3 for current Affairs. These booklets are very comprehensive yet quite compact. In the past 10 years, our performance shows that you DONOT need to read any other extra book beyond these 9 booklets.
  • All the topics have been covered in the bullet form, tables, flow charts and many other innovative ways. Important points have been highlighted & bold to make your studies much easier. This saves a lot of your precious time and help you in last exam time revision.
  • Overviews are given at the start of the topics for better understanding of the particular topic.
  • Most of the topics in the booklets will be provided with QR codes, which can be scanned by using the crackIAS app only by registered students. This will open up an audio lecture related to that topic which will tell the importance of that topic, how to study it, what type of questions appears from that topic both in prelims & mains, how to read current affairs related to that topic etc.
  • Topic-wise questions after every topic from past UPSC Questions to practice and understand the type of questions with complete answers.
  • Workshops are conducted at Delhi by UPSC experts for solving your queries related to your preparations, practice tests and better performance in the exam.



  • There will be 7 Booklets covering the complete syllabus.
  • Notes are designed in such a way that they will take you step by step from basics of Maths and English to advanced level.
  • Areas from Vedic Maths and Abacus have been incorporated to help in solving questions faster with tricks and acronyms.
  • In English we will start with basics of grammar, conversation abilities & methodology and finally to a comprehension of language.
  • There will be 15-20 Paper Tests.


  • All relevant books have been covered. Relevant portions from last 5 years' Yojana & Kurukshetra, 15 years of World Bank & Human Development Reports have been included in these notes topic-wise.
  • Easy to remember techniques like bullet form, tables, graphs etc. have been used along with good analytical coverage - as pre latest UPSC pattern.
  • Current Affairs have been covered topic-wise for each paper. All major sources for current affairs are covered including The Hindu/ Times of India/ Mint/ PIB/ EPW/ Eco. Survey etc.
  • Synopsis book for each paper is sent in the last. It is a very helpful and handy book for last minute revision of your mains syllabus in just few hours. It is covered in bullet form, approximately 40-50 pages.
  • Complimentary Test Series based on latest UPSC pattern.

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