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Notes are really awesome, it is very precise, crystal clear and easily understandable.It covers everything which is necessary for the exam. More questions needed for the practice.

Vidyashree Yogajanma, Bhubaneswar

This websites help a lot for preparation. Mainly the topic regarding The Hindu.

Dipayan Nandy, Kolkata

One stop solution.

Gargi, Yamunanagar

What I like most about the crackIAS notes is that the presentation of various topics is in a very simple and clear manner.The most important thing is that as far as possible the notes are in point form which makes the reader feel interesting to read and learn about the topic.Wherever required, the tabular form is also used to differentiate between topics. It makes the topic easy to understand. The presentation of notes till date I have ever seen. Hats off to the hardworking team of crackIAS who have made the lengthier topics easy for us to understand.....

Jyotsna Neogi , New Delhi

I liked your notes very much as they cover all the syllabus and are very comprehensive. Soon I am going to purchase Notes for mains..I am sure I would not have to purchase any book any more.

Gajendra Singh, Moradabad

Ausumn notes IAS

Akash, Gwalior

The materials are matched with the requirement

Kshindwi, Delhi

All is that You have covered every topic listed in UPSC syllabus.

Navneet Chauhan, Gaziabad

Notes are 1.to the point 2. have smart presentation 3. cover all of pertinent areas.

Rahul Sharma, Patna

There is nothing to tell about crackias notes!! its all perfect, everybody knows it but i am here to say my heartly thanks to ANIL SIR..he is the best guy i have ever meet. I am not getting a single word to regard him. Aspirants just call him and all your answers would automatically infuse to your mind..he is the best!!! thank you sir!! will make you proud one day by anyway..

Dr. Rohit Mishra, New Delhi

Presentation is good and it helps to understand each topic. Mapping is awesome. Try to launch notes in hindi version also. it will help many aspirants to get success in civil service exam in hindi medium because they suffer due to lack of notes in hindi.

Ammu, Indore

Precise and Concise... :) Time Saving ... :) Most Important: Cost -Effective..

Raman Bhattad, Pune

I have ordered crackias prelims notes, i should really apperciate the work and motto of helping future civil service aspirants by crack ias team. I liked the notes of crack ias because there was no need to buy or refer other notes or books, and no need of spending heavy on any other books. I especially liked the synopsis of india year book and current affairs, good work done by crack ias team. These books are better than any other postal coaching books available anywhere. I can trust these notes for my ias studies. thanking you crak ias team. keep on the work you have been doing, my best wishes to you....

Nagendra, Mumbai

At this ripe age of 33 years (age relaxation under ex-servicemen category), when I decided to give it a shot to this one of the most prestigious exams, I was clueless as to what to study; how to study; how much to study.... But after reading from Crack IAS notes, I can assert that if one does not make it through to prelims from your notes, he himself is to blame for not putting in enough. Your notes are thoroughly worked up and extremely well written. Congratulations for such a sincere efforts. I am grateful to you.

Gaurav Mishra, Jaisalmer

Repected team of Crack IAS, I would like to appreciate the entire Crack IAS team for their Whole Hearted effort in preparing the Crack IAS note books on various subjects Viz., History, Geography, economics, polity and Science, that meets all the standards and requirements of new UPSC syllabus for CSP exam. Every book has covered the entire comprehensive syllabus and presented in a very Lucid and precise manner. It is simple to understand and easy to remember. While there is no doubt that the books are well prepared meticulously by the unprecedent scholars and experts keeping into mind the UPSC requirement, The vast syllabus, and also aspirants' Time management requirements. The books are useful not only for UPSC exams but also for other competetive and other entrance exams. I also appreciate the efforts of the Crack IAS team of providing the details of questions covered in the CRACK NOTES that appeared in Civil services preliminary exams annually. It really boost morale and gives an Inspiration for more hard and smart work. I wish all very best to the entire team of CRACK IAS, including The director sir, Anil sir, Vijay sir. Thanks and regards

Sheik Salahuddin, Mysore

crackIAS.com is the only answer of all the questions. It is a panacea for a civil service aspirants and the time of dispatch and the staffs and faculties are so helpful that one's panic goes far away when he talks to them or reads the materials.

Shubhajit Majumder, Raiganj, W.B

I relied completely on Crack IAS notes for CSE(P) 2012 and i must say it was very useful and help me to attempt 73 Q\'s in paper-I. Three things i must mention 1. Coverage:-all the topics were very well covered as per UPSC syllabus. 2.Clarity:-Each and every topic was explained nicely 1-2 reading was enough to mug up the whole concept. 3.Time:- I saved much of time which otherwise would have wasted in searching what to read?

Pushkar Jha, Mumbai

Notes to me are just like the headlight of my gadi.

Shashi Kant Awasthi, Pune

The Notes are quite attractive and they become more important because almost 85 to 90% of all books/ notes you get in one booklet. Amazing. Secondly, the important points are already highlighted so you need to look into them first and then the others. Great.

Ankit Prakash, Gaziabad

they are very informative, relevant and up to the mark. language is simple and easy to understand. they are helpful in building confidence in me also..these notes provide me with some additional knowledge also related to environment change i enjoy alot reading those topics.. thank u for these notes..n keep it up for future..

Monika, Ludhiana

very specific notes, covers a lot of areas, for which a lot of time & reading would have been required


These notes are stupendous, well structured and quite informative at par with the changing pattern of UPSC. All the exceptional and important points are highlighted and tabled wherever necessary. I would like to thank CrackIAS for their endeavor in helping students to take the test with full confidence and deep knowledge as well as understanding.

Anupam Kumar, Bahadurgarh

I had placed an order for the prelims notes (both GS and CSAT) and I am happy I made a wise choice. The notes are really helpful, and considering the fact that I'm in Kerala- far away from the academic ambiance in Delhi- Crack IAS package has proved to be the best companion through my preparation. I am quite happy with the communication and now that I am learning with Crack IAS, I am, to be honest, quite hopeful and thrilled.

Asha Justin Negi, Kerala

Concise study material. Exhaustive coverage on geography and economy. Easy to remember notes due to use of tables, points/bullets etc. Almost perfect proof reading with very few misprints.


I would like to thank you for these beautiful notes. These are very good supplements. Basic knowledge of the subject and your precise notes make easy to solve the questions. I like the extra facts which have not been found anywhere else in my resources. Thank You.

Kalucharan Sahu, Ganjan, Orrisa

Graphical representation of facts are interesting and easy to grasp Esp. in geography parts. I really appreciate the way you compile all the relevant data and facts in chronological manner. This enhances the learning process step by step. Thank you.

Aneesh Sekhar S., Kerala

The highlighted words catch the attention easily and help in final revision of the subject. Please continue with this practice. The Notes provided by CrackIAS.com are concise, to the point and cover lots of information in few lines. A most remarkable feature is that notes are well synchronized and systematically presented, so they are easy to learn. The content provided in the material is really awesome. This book helps to save lot of time and also very helpful for revision. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful material.

Ashish, Dehradun

Bold and italicized important points. Precise yet useful information in exam point of view, Readable font size, Tabular forms giving an overall view of subject, Appropriate weight age given to CURRENT AFFAIRS. Small yet informative booklets facilitating ease in study.

Prathyusha G., Hyderabad

The way the notes have been structured.Every point is relevant and useful from question paper point of view. The Set V of General Studies was highly competent compiled material.

Parameshwar Sharma, Guwahati

CRACK IAS synopsis of India Year Book is excellent. Previous year I have tried to study India Year Book and I am not able to succeed in it due to its vastness. I am very grateful to CrackIAS as you have given very brief synopsis and vital points of Indian Year Book. Before subscribing to CrackIAS, I am not comfortable in learning Geography the CrackIAS notes clearly depicted geography through Maps and tables which enabled me to learn it easily. If Civil aspirants study your prelims notes sincerely, there can definitely crack civil prelims.

K. Syam Sravanthi, Eluru

Very comprehensive, time saving for aspirant feeling lost in Vast ocean of information and Books for UPSC exam. Thank you very much for making this topic easier for us. I‟ve subscribed for G.S – 2 Sets (one for my cousin). I had qualified IITJEE‟ 04 without any classroom coaching, from my hometown in Jharkhand. So, I do understand „nothing works like self study‟. After going though your material. I‟m sure to have the requisite to get through CSE.

Vishal Kumar Modi, Jharkhand

Thorough coverage of all the important topics. Good stress one some very important topics. Geography portion well covered with maps and statistics. The GS notes are comprehensive, covering every topic. The writing style with tables and maps makes it simple and interesting to study.

Kunal Walia, Patiala

They are authentic, time saving and most of all it saves times while memorizing so many books. Just one thing about CRACK IAS: “Crack notes are just like a beam of light for a UPSC candidate like me who want to follow the path of success”. I consider I am lucky to be the part of the wonderful world of Crack IAS. The systematic presentation of notes which frame in such a manner for the clarity of knowledge and easy revision. The proper ordering of facts in a well arrange manner will sharpen our skill in the upcoming preliminary examination.

Dhirendra Kumar Singh Parihar, New Delhi

I would like to thank you for providing such a nice and précised notes. The quality of these notes is a way ahead from others which helps us to have an idea of what to take up and what to delete from exam point of view. On the whole I solemnly say that Crack IAS is a FANTABULOUS Book.

Archana M.M.

The notes were very specific, very „to the point‟. There was no irrelevant material. Highlighting important material was also a good step. The fact that a concise booklet covers all important areas from the scoring point of view in exams rather than learning to increase – knowledge is a welcome change. The size of booklets being small helps in carrying them around.

Ajay Prakash, (AIR-9th 2010), New Delhi

Your notes are undoubtedly meticulously researched and written in a comprehensive manner. Availability of all the important facts, data and information at one place helps grasping faster, to some extent.

Himani Dalal, New Delhi

The booklets have been designed very precisely and upto the mark to cater to the requirements of the GS paper. It fulfills its purpose to provide the vast subject to GS in a structured and useful manner which also helps in quick learning and retention of the subject thereby avoiding unnecessary wastage of time in searching for facts in various books. It is ideal for independent study with its clear and systematic presentation of concepts along with dates and Maps which makes it easier to be learned and revised.

Priyanka Parasaran,

The booklets cover all the relevant issues. They are precise and comprehensive as well. The notes are very much exam oriented and saved a lot of time. Thus have helped immensely to garner more knowledge. I am very much thankful for innovating such a process.

Upasana Dutta, Guwahati

Almost everything (including concise presentation and beautiful printing). Facts of Indian Economy have been presented in a very lucid and interesting way. Dictionary of important terms in Economics section is very useful. Coverage of current affairs is comprehensive. The honest effort which you have made to produce these „small‟ booklets motivates us to work harder! Thanks for your effort.

Shreedhar Satyakam, New Delhi

I liked the notes provided by CRACKIAS because: Each and every subject has been presented point wise, yet they are elaborate, and the main terms are highlighted. This elaborate and point wise presentation makes me feel that the notes can be finished within a short duration, that helps a lot psychologically. The notes on Indian Polity and Current Affairs are really good, and I believe that they have no competitor.

Dwaipayan Ghosh, Parganas

CRACK notes are a store house of knowledge. They are handy and in note format. I admire it is the special notes for GS and found it was very useful. It acts as a ready reference, very valuable and also time saving. It is well covered, comprehensive and nicely presented in a readable manner. Crack notes are good coverage for Prelims. In my view it is a highly valued for Civil Aspirants.

C.U. Vanitha, Coimabtore

It is just like synopsis and easy to refer. The quality and quantity are absolute (i.e. outstanding). I am 200% satisfied about the notes.

S.V.V. Dora Reddy, East Godavari

The notes are just excellent well prepared and very much helpful for an aspirant of civil services. Each point is explained in a good manner and the maps are just very good.

Aastha Rawat, Delhi

Notes are prepared as per the syllabus of UPSC. Important thing is points highlighted wherever required and Maps provided in the Geographical Areas, which helps the student to remember the important points very easily during the examination.

Prashanth H.C., Bangalore

Dear Sir, This is regarding the feedback for 2011 Prelims notes which in itself is a good initiative taken by Crack IAS Team & shows your commitment for improvement at the highest levels.
1. These notes are best source of quick revision at the last moment as they are presented in point wise form with important terms written in bold. It saves a lot of time in preparing notes from newspapers as they cover almost every important news in the program.
2. Economic Survey is covered holistically in about 50 pages only & at the same time covers all important areas of Indian Economy.
3. The memory tools like Acronyms & Power packs used in the notes proved to be very helpful in quick revision & retention in the memory for long time.
E.g.: Set 1 Page 146 has the best acronym I came across the notes which makes it easy to remember all the articles related to Panchayats & Municipalities. Such acronyms shall be used more often in Polity to remember different articles.

Deepak Sharma. Jhajjar

I, Sourav Rout am a regular subscriber of your prelims and mains study notes since 2008.I salute the entire CrackIAS.com team for providing such meticulously designed and concisely prepared notes regularly every year. An average 90+ direct questions every year in G.S (Prelims) is a testimony to this fact. As far as the prelims 2011 notes are concerned, CrackIAS.com has again stood up to its reputation, taking into consideration the sea change in the IAS Prelims syllabus.
1. Completely new introduction in G.S Prelims syllabus i.e Rights and Issues, climate change, biodiversity, economic and social development, environment and ecology, demography, etc., have been comprehensively and meticulously dealt with. All the general topics were extensively prepared and important topics were intensively prepared.
2. The bottom line is "those candidates who are confused about what to study and from where, the most valuable answer to them is - don't waste your time, CrackIAS is more than sufficient for these new additions in syllabus".
3. One can blindly rely on CrackIAS for all three sections of History (ancient, medieval & modern).The same applies for Indian Polity.
4. Booklets on Indian & World Geography are absolutely treasure trove for any potential Prelims questions.
5. Booklets on Basic and Applied Sciences are very conceptual and precise.
6. The sections on latest trends in science proved vital as several questions were asked directly from it.
7. Booklets on Economic and Social Development are more than sufficient for Prelims. No need to go through Mishra - Puri or Dutta & Sundaram etc.
8. Sections on General issues on Environment & Ecology cover each and every aspect of the topic very compactly.
9. For Current affairs, India Year Book and Monorama G.K - CrackIAS Prelims notes is an absolute super hit. One always gets every current affair questions directly from these notes year after year.
10. One can just forget about worrying what to study. G. S. Prelims, with CrackIAS notes in hand, one can relax.
11. Correspondence facility is thoroughly professional. Every booklet reaches us in right time and with sufficient time in hand.
12. Faculties are very co-operative and are ever ready to help on phone.
13. Paper - II i.e aptitude portion covers every major sections of reasoning, English and quantitative aptitude very conceptually and intensively.
14. Excellent work done for Paper - II, given the time constraints.
Anyways, CrackIAS G.S. study notes 2011 were very instrumental during my preparation for 2011 Prelims. I heartily thank Your effort in providing us such valuable and qualitative notes.
Thanking you.


Hello this Yogesh from Bangalore …. I had taken crackIAS.com prelims notes and I have cleared prelims …. It was very useful and it did provide valuable inputs with wide and depth coverage of topics… As far as conventional topics r concerned like geo, history, economics, crackias materials are the best as it gives basics of a topic and fine details and facts in tabular from which is easier to recollect in less time…. Infect current affairs module was also well done to better the understanding and for remembrance too. crackias material added value from my preparation and helped mo to crack prelims….. I would like to thank you guys for this.

Yoges, Bangalore

Notes are very good & well compiled and imperative too.

Ram Vilkashan Mahto, Delhi

Excellent; they are comprehensive and very well designed one. Certainly you people have spent time on these notes, for that HATS OFF TO YOU. Your notes are so good that I cannot suggest more improvements as they are already better. Thank You.

Manish Parashar, Mohali

Very precise and concise, thus making it a very effective material for revision purpose. Presentability is good as it enhances retention. Excellent.

Shivangi Kirti, Patna

Notes are very compact and written in a lucid manner, easy to grasp.

Kartikeya Singh, NTPC Kahalgaon

The notes so far received are brief, concise and a storehouse of a lot of knowledge.

Seema Chaudhary, Jammu

This is the first time I am enjoying reading History. Wonderful effort, Keep it up. Presentation is clear with no ambiguity. Language used is simple and lucid. It had covered almost everything pertaining to subject.

Rakesh, Lucknow

Quite satisfactory. But my suggestions would be to supplement the notes on each topic with questions which is very beneficial or to be precise, crucial at the last stages of preparation. Geography was fantastic. Science-satisfactory.

Timir Naha, Delhi

The way the notes have been structured is pretty good. To complete a huge domain of study materials in relatively less time requires to the point, exam-oriented notes and CrackIAS has taken care of that. The Polity, Science and Tech, current affairs sections have been a well gisted. In History, the Modern India part has been covered well keeping in mind its importance in the exam. As a whole, so far I have found it to be quite helpful in all respect.

Soumen Sardar, Noida

I have found the notes quite nicely compiled. Everything that is of extreme importance for the exam has been given very clearly in tabulated form which definitely helps in quick revision, understanding and retention. Moreover different sources have been used for the material that definitely would give an edge over the others. The notes on India Year Book are extremely time saving!

Rimpreet Singh Walia, Patiala

I feel that the notes are really upto the mark. Your work is absolutely commendable. The material covers almost everything and in fact, the notes were very useful in solving questions from various other books. The standard is excellent helped us to a great extent. Especially will be useful in last minute revision.

Sandhya Chopra, Lucknow

The notes are really good. I found it really helpful for my preparation so far. It is well structured and systematized. Above it saved a lot of my time by not looking or hunting for more material.

Asif NIssar Khoja, New Delhi

Excellent! A very good effort to begin with. Keep it up and Thank you very much.

Abinash Dash, New Delhi

Notes are of standard quality, though there are few grammatical, printing errors but I still have not found any factual error. They are precise but without compromising on important topic and cover almost every aspect of a topic. Notes are present in simple point wise and tabular form, thus making them easy to read and remember. They really helped me prepare G.S. syllabus in quick time.

Kshitendra Verma, Lucknow

They are good, to-the-point and well arranged. If there is any book or reference material that can be used to enhance understanding of given point in the material, please recommend them at appropriate place.

Rohit Malik, Gurgaon

I am receiving good help from CrackIAS.com for my G.S. Part. It has a good coverage of all information regarding G.S. exam which is compact, comprehensive and easy to remember.

Vishal Dahate Delhi

It appears to be helpful and handy, the sequence are good to remember without much difficult.

Hopson Sapam, Delhi

Good. To the point, Precise.

Sunil Kumar Panigrahi, New Delhi

Good. Perfect. No improvement required

Pankaj Sonowal, Delhi

The Notes are concise, exhaustive, exam oriented. It has taken care of the number of books that one is required to buy.

Kajraeli Rajesh Kumar, Gurgaon

I liked the presentation i.e. easy to learn. Tables are really useful and can be revised in less time.

Prerna Singh, Allahabad

The notes were very well prepared and were providing a comprehensive knowledge and information about the topic. They depict the professionalism and hard work of the minds and hands behind their preparation. I hope that the rhythm would continue unhindered and for a longer time. To conclude, I hope and wish that the information provided in the notes would be relevant and important from the UPSC's perspective and the efforts of yours in preparing them and mine in reading them would be fruitful.

Jitendra Pratap Singh, New Delhi

I started subscribing the notes only from March beginning. So when they came all sets were together. Hence, I was unable to read it completely. Yet, so far I find the notes to be excellent. Especially the order and method of presentation makes it easy for learning.

Sujith R, Thiruvananthapuram

Maps on subjects especially Geography Maps, and places in news, are very good.

Sudhanshu Srivastava, Lucknow

I find the notes are very good for preparation. The way you have summarized it is very nice and it will help in faster grasping of the subject. I am very happy with your notes.

M. Mohan Krishna, Hyderabad

I subscribed only Pre material at this time. I comment only that it's the best compared to any other material.

Vishal Naik, New Delhi

I appreciate the painstaking efforts to have provided a masterpiece of exemplary work. It has significantly helped by organizing the relevant resources shattered and dispersed in voluminous text books.

M. Vivek, New Delhi

The sequence of contents of the notes is quite praise-worthy. The notes have covered almost all the relevant issues as well as updated information.

Sudha Mehra, Mathura

Notes are compact, to-the-point and presentation is also good. Especially useful for ones those who are new in this field. Turning through the pages what caught my attention most were the meticulously crafted boxes and tables which could serve as ready reckoners. I am anxiously looking forward to India Year Book, Economic Survey Material and hope it also turns in similar fashion.

Uttara Singh, Allahabad

All the notes received so far were very precise and Lucid, at the same time complete in content. Presentation of the material in pointer forms made my Revision work dawn easy and also consolidated the things I had already learnt in detail.

Jaspal Kaur Mohali

The Notes prepared by you are so beautifully outlines, facts and figures are nicely given, and the most I like is the table format which gives the skeleton as well as muscle to the information. It is precise and relevant. Everything is fine and nicely prepared.

Raksha Ram Delhi

“…a one-stop destination for success for IAS aspirants now…. makes available the notes of the past IAS toppers to civil services aspirants…. also promises to be a forum for the civil services aspirants from across the country.”

The Hindu

Being a "Child" in "this" world, I'm not a person to say about the quality of the contents in these notes. But I may say my feelings and experiences. I found it easy to study and to revise. Ease in handling. I found a great coverage and a strongly or highly appreciable endeavor. I could solve 99% of questions (previous and models). Foremost and the basic thing is the support by crackIAS during all my preparation. Basic problem now is the optional paper, hope that you will soon start making notes for them. The combination makes success, so please help in these grounds. If I'm to lay a summary of feed back in one sentence then simply; "I trust you".

Rahul G. Nair, New Delhi