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------ Culture ------
Indian Architecture, Literature, Music, Paintings & Dances
Famous personalities & institutions attached to Indian culture
Religions & religious thoughts
Performing Arts, Theatre, Languages & Fashion
Fairs & festivals of India
Arts & craft in India
Saints of India incl. Bhakti Movement
------ Modern India ------
Indian History from middle of 18th century until 1857
From Revolt of 1857 & the Early Phase of National Movement
Decade of 1900-1910
Decade of 1910-1920
Decade of 1920-1930
Decade of 1930-1940
Decade of 1940-1950
Socio-Religious, Civil, Tribal, Peasants & other Movements
Communalism & Communist Trends
Role of women in freedom struggle
Contribution of British & Foreigners
Press, Education & newspapers
Important persons during freedom struggle
------ Post-independence history ------
Dawn of independence & decade of 1950s
Decade of 1960s
Decade of 1970s
Decade of 1980s
India Since 1990s
Caste politics
Economics of planned development
Evolution of Indian foreign policy
Post-independence Indian state
------ World History ------
World History - various revolutions
Fascism & Nazism and Militarism in Japan
World Wars
Industrial revolution
Colonisation, decolonisation & redrawal of boundaries
Political philosophies- Socialism, Capitalism, Communism etc.
------ Indian Society ------
Salient features of Indian Society incl. Caste & Diversity of India
Women related issues
Population related issues incl. Tribes
Poverty and developmental issues
Urbanization, problems and remedies
Effects of globalization on Indian society
Social empowerment & various social movements
Communalism & Secularism
Other Issues - Children, Youth, Old Age, Disabled, LGBT etc.
------ World Geography ------
World regional geography incl. important Geopolitical regions
Mineral & Oil resources
Power resources incl. Nuclear power
Forest resouces
Land resources incl. land conservation
Ocean resources & related issues
Water resources incl. Indian Rivers & Interlinking
Primary, Secondary & Tertiary industries incl. Tourism
Geophysical phenomena - Earthquake, Volcano, CDT, PTT etc.
Atmospheric Circulation incl. Cyclones etc.
Oceanic phenomenon - Tides/ Tsunami etc.
Geographical features incl. Mountains, Islands, Corals etc.
Changes in geographical features & effect on flora/ fauna/ icecaps
Population problems & Migration in world
World Urbanization incl. Smart cities
------ Indian Polity ------
Separation of powers & Dispute redressal mechanisms
Indian political system & Comparison with other countries
Indian Constitution incl. Schedules & Amendments
Parliament, Bills and related matters
President, Vice-President and related matters
PM, CoM, Ministries and related matters
Governor, State Legislature, Emergency & related matters
Judiciary, judgements & related matters
Elections, Representation of Peoples Act & related issues
Centre-state relations and Federal issues
Devolution of powers upto local levels and related issues
Constitutional, Statutory, Regulatory & Quasi-judicial bodies and Human Rights
Non-state actors, Pressure groups & Other Associations
Transparency & Accountability, RTI, E-governance, Citizens Charter, Digital power and Aadhar related issues
Role of civil services in democracy esp. after globalization
------ Health, Education ------
Health, sanitation and related issues
Education and related issues
Human Resources, sports and related issues
Role of NGOs, SHGs, Charities etc.
------ Government schemes ------
Government Policies & Schemes & their performance Incl. Housing
Mechanisms, laws, institutions & Bodies for vulnerable sections
------ Poverty, Hunger ------
Issues relating to poverty and hunger
------ International Relations IR ------
India and the world relations
Groupings & agreements affecting Indias interests
Effect of policies & politics of other countries on India's interests & its Diaspora
International Institutions, Agencies & Fora
------ Indian Economy ------
Inclusive growth, Poverty, Unemployment & Inclusion
Liberalization, Structural problems & Economic reforms
Inflation, Monetary Policy & related matters
Planning, Mobilization of resources etc.
Industry, Services sector & related issues
Taxation & Black Money
Forign capital, Foreign Trade & Balance of Payments
Banking & NPAs
Capital market & SEBI
Government Budgeting & Fiscal deficit
Demographic Economics & Various Indexes
------ Indian Geography ------
Agriculture, major crops, their patterns etc.
Different types of irrigation
Agri Marketing, Finance, Insurance & Transport
E-technology for farmers & Tech Missions
Issues relating Subsidies, MSP, PDS & Food Security
Economics of animal-rearing
Food processing and related industries
Land reforms in India
Infrastructure in India: Urbanization
Infrastructure in India: Energy incl. renewables
Infrastructure in India: Ports & Airports
Infrastructure in India: Roads & Railway
Infrastructure in India: Waterways
Investment models incl PPP, SEZ & EPZ
------ Science and Defence ------
Developments in S&T, India's Achievements & Indigenization
Defence related developments
Communications, Social media, Internet & IT
Space Technology & Space related matters
Computer Technology
Nuclear science
Nano-technology, Robotics & AI
Bio-technology, Genetics & Health related matters
Intellectual property rights & related matters
------ Environment ------
Environmental pollution incl. Air, water & soil
Environmental degradation incl. GHGs & Ozone and Wildlife related issues
Environmental Conservation, Sustainable Development & EIA
Disaster and disaster management
------ Security Issues ------
Linkage between development & extremism
External state & non-state actors incl. terrorism & illegal migration
Communication networks & internal security
Media, social networking sites & internal security
Cyber security & related issues
Money-laundering & related issues
Border areas challenges & their management
Organized crime & terrorism
Security forces & agencies and other matters